NANO1 successfully crowdfunded on Christmas Eve

Singapore, December 24, 2018

The crowdfunders from Singapore hits a second home run with the successful launch of the NANO1 astronomy camera on Christmas Day, within a week from launch.

TinyMOS aims to bring astronomy imaging into the mainstream, through a series of smart imaging innovations.

The cameras TinyMOS designed, claims the title of "The World's Smallest Astronomy Camera" twice in a row. Their innovations to make astronomy imaging simpler for everyone, received its patented status earlier this year. The innovations include: an augmented reality star map, to guide users across star fields and automatic dark noise subtraction for improved image quality.

The NANO1 includes the key innovations from its predecessor, the TINY1. Its small and diminuitive size allows it to be "prime focus" mounted on telescopes, yielding a 1400mm equivalent field of view at an F/2 aperture on a Celestron C5.

The NANO1 with its diverse capabilities will bring you closer to the night skies.

The NANO1 is available for pre-orders on Kickstarter at



Capture the beauty of the night sky in the palm of your hands.

Singapore, December 19, 2018

From the maker of the world's smallest astronomy camera the TINY1, comes the world's smallest astronomy camera made smaller, the NANO1.

TinyMOS's first camera the TINY1 aims to bring astronomy imaging to everyone. The TINY1 camera captured the imagination of the world when it launched in 2016. The TINY1 was featured on major news channels across the globe and reached its crowdfunding goal of 100,000USD within 3 hours; raising a total of 500,000USD.

The NANO1 is the successor to the claim - the world's smallest astronomy camera.

It launches on Kickstarter at on 19th December 2018 4am PST/7am EST.

Key features:

4K60fps Resolution Video

At one third the size of its predecessor, 100g with its kit lens mounted, it packs a punch with 4K resolution 60 frames per second in video mode. It also features 1080p120fps and 720p240fps video capabilities for both slow motion and astronomy lucky shot imaging.

Apart from impressive sensor performance the NANO1 also refines the best parts of the TINY1 camera.

Tethered Augmented Reality Star Map

The augmented reality star map now works tethered to you smart phone, to guide you across the stars and galaxies on the most modern display technologies available.

Astronomy capture presets

Astronomy imaging presets allows you to capture the night sky by simply selecting the correct imaging mode.

Patented Noise Reduction

The NANO1 will also feature patented dark noise subtraction techniques that lets it perform above its weight class in low light exposures.

iOS and Android compatible

Tethered capture and download from the camera at 5GHz speeds. The NANO1 features 2.4/5GHz wireless technology. Download 4K resolution footage straight to your mobile devices at high speed.

Beyond improving on the capabilities of its predecessor, the NANO1 features other exciting innovations in imaging.

Dual Interchangeable lens

The NANO1 features the world's first dual interchangeable lens mount system. The NANO1 can use miniature M12 lenses for ultimate portability, or professional C mount lenses for the best image quality possible.

Prime focus - 25x faster aperture

prime focus nano1

Beyond adapting Canon EF and Nikon F mount lens, the small camera can be reverse mounted on telescope in a configuration known as "prime focus".

It allows a Schimdt Cassegrain telescope such as the Celestron C5™ telescope to collect light at f/2 focal ratio, instead of f/10 through the rear. That allows a 25x reduction in exposure time, effectively allowing a 5 minute exposure to be reduced to 12 seconds.

It does this without loss in field of view, capturing at an effective equivalent focal length of 1400mm.

The NANO1 with its diverse capabilities will bring you closer to the night skies.

The NANO1 launches on Kickstarter at 4AM PST/7AM EST 19th December 2018.

Limited early bird rewards starts at 289USD.


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